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Allteck builds and maintains complex electrical infrastructure for Utilities, Mining operations, Oil & Gas, Solar and Wind Power Generation.

Our clients choose Allteck because we deliver on our promises and care about the same things: safety, reliability of service, quality of work, the environment, community development, and aboriginal skill development.

Our disciplined approach to project and operations management ensures that we will meet client needs and expectations in an innovative and cost-effective manner. The depth of our resources positions us to respond quickly when the unexpected occurs. Whether it is a client emergency or anything else demanding immediate attention, we are there for our clients, whatever the need.

For more than 30 years, Allteck has worked with clients to deliver quality work—on-time and on-budget. From simple distribution projects to the most complex power transmission systems, our crews consistently deliver the highest levels of quality and service. We pioneered innovative methods for performing work in energized environments, and we have successfully delivered services in some of the most challenging geographies.

The high standard that we set for ourselves to meet the needs of our clients has made us a leader in the construction and maintenance of power infrastructure in Western Canada.

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