Increasing Opportunity for Success: Inter-Nation Collaboration Panel

Presenting Organization
Indigenous Business and Investment Council

The leadership of the Spayum Limited Partnership (SLP) will discuss their successes and challenges in coming together as a multi-national economic and business organization. 

The overall goal of the SLP is to develop a long-term revenue stream for the Nicola Valley First Nations communities, and to enhance the City of Merritt as a whole. The SLP aims to establish commercial and Indigenous/recreational tourism focused development within the Nicola Valley. The SLP is currently focused primarily on economic and business development, land development and provision of infrastructure.
The five First Nation bands that formed the Spayum Holdings Limited Partnership (SLP) are the Upper Nicola Indian Band, the Lower Nicola Indian Band, the Shackan Indian Band, the Nooaitch Indian Band and the Coldwater Indian Band.

What Participants will Learn by Attending

  1. Approaches to collaboration - common goals and objectives.
  2. Importance of communications.
  3. Building and reinforcing mutually beneficial relations.

A panel of three presenters:

  1. Chief Aaron Sumexheltza
  2. 2 & 3. Other members of the LP to be determined.

Presenter Biographies 
Ski’us Aaron Sam Sumexheltza (Aaron Sumexhelta) is Chief of the Lower Nicola Indian Band.  He previously worked as a lawyer for Fulton & Company and several other organizations, focusing on representing residential school survivors and criminal defense.  Aaron is currently a member of the board for the Assembly of First Nations – Advisory Committee on Climate Action and the Environment, the BC Aboriginal Justice Council, and the Lower Nicola Indian Band Development Corporation.  He was previously a Councilor for the Lower Nicola Indian Band and the Nicola Valley Community Justice Services Society.  Aaron has a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of British Columbia, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies from California State University.