Land Use Planning: FN's Perspective & Handbook (repeat)

Presenting Organization
Indigenous Services Canada 

This workshop will discuss the land use planning process and development of the Land Use Planning Handbook. Participants will hear from First Nation participants of the Indigenous Advisory Council that helped shape the handbook. Indigenous Advisory Council members will share the land use planning that they undertook in their communities and important takeaways of the process. 

In this workshop, participants will also hear from Indigenous Services Canada representative who will give a brief update on funding opportunities for land use plans, and the distribution of the Land Use Planning Handbook and Toolkit. 

What Participants will Learn by Attending
Participants will

  • Learn about land use planning from an Indigenous perspective;
  • Learn about potential funding opportunities from ISC;
  • Obtain a copy of the Land Use Planning Handbook and Toolkit to take home. 

Denise Falconer, Environmental Specialist, Indigenous Services Canada

Indigenous community representatives (TBD)

Presenter Biographies 

Denise Falconer is an Environmental Assessment Officer with Indigenous Services Canada. Denise has 3 years of experience in environmental reviews, project management, and regulation.