Workshop Descriptions

ACED 205 Aboriginal Governance Development - CANDO

Additions to Reserve Creation - NALMA

Clean Energy & Economic Development Solutions for Communities - NRCan

Creating Connections: Workshop Exploring Co-operatives - Co-operatives First

Designation Process - NALMA

Developing a Community Land Use Plan - NALMA

Economic Development Programs Moving Forward - ISC

Environmental Review Process and Updates - ISC

Financing your project Application and Assessment Process - ANTCO & TACC

First Nations Good Governance - CANDO

Getting in on the Action: The Power of First Nation - Industry Partnerships in British Columbia - IBIC

Greenhouses Potential Cosiderationa & Planning - BC Agriculture

Importance of Partnerships with Indigenous Tourism - ITBC

Increasing Opportunity for Success Inter-Nation Collaboration Panel - IBIC

Intro to Designations Permits and Leasing - ISC

Land Code and Cannabis Opportunities - IBIC

Land Governance under the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management - FNLMRC

Land Use Planning A First Nations? Perspective and Handbook - ISC

Managing On-Reserve Estates - NALMA

Master Your Disaster A Community Rebuilding, Recovery and Resilience - CANDO

Mining 101 - NRCan

On Reserve Law Enforcement - BCALM

Online Tools for Land Management Drop-in training - ISC & NRCan

Specific Claims Process - BCALM

Stronger Together First Nation Municipal CEDI - CANDO

Why Impact Benefit Agreement?- BCALM