Pivoting to Digital Content During COVID - ITBC


In the second half of 2020, Indigenous Tourism BC launched the Video Outreach Program, an innovative strategy towards engagement through value added interactions with Indigenous tourism businesses, First Nations communities and organizations and tourism partners. Digital content, including video and photography, is created and leveraged for marketing, experience and destination development and strengthening partnerships. These assets are used to support Indigenous Tourism BC’s consumer marketing and corporate communications activities. 
Join the Video Outreach Team to learn more about how this program has been developed to support tourism development and promotion, lessons that have been learned, and the potential that is created if you would like to develop a similar program within your organization. Learn about how Indigenous Tourism BC is looking to integrate storytelling into all aspects of our organization, and the benefits we have already seen towards strengthening our connections.


  • Cohen Isberg, ITBC
  • Francine Bouglas, Indigenous Tourism BC