The Indigenous Centre for Cumulative Effects: Building on Indigenous Perspectives about Cumulative Effects


Part 1: Introduction to ICCE & Q&A
Introduction to the Indigenous Centre for Cumulative Effects (ICCE) by Leea Litzgus, Executive Director. The ICCE is a national Indigenous not-for-profit organization that was incorporated in 2019 to build and enhance the scientific and technical capacity of Indigenous communities for cumulative effects assessment and management in their lands and territories.

Part 2: Presentation by ICCE Technical Advisor & Q&A
Presentation about “Cumulative effects of economic development on Ilnu Aitun” by Paul-Antoine Cardin, ICCE’s technical advisor. Paul-Antoine will present is PhD thesis research project pursued in collaboration with Mashteuiatsh First Nation in Lac-Saint-Jean (Qc). While speaking about the scientific aspects of its work, he’ll also talk about how a partnership approach helps to build assessment and management capacity.


  • Leea Litzus, ICEE
  • Paul-Antoine Cardin, Indigenous Centre for Cumulative Effects