Workshop Recordings

Additions to Reserve 101 - ISC

Board Governance - Understanding the Role of the Economic Development Board - NVIT / Cando

Canada Infrastructure Bank and Indigenous Community-Based Infrastructure Investments - CIB

Community Based Decision Making through Land Use Planning - RC

Community Engagement - Tips, Techniques, and Virtual Tools - RC

Connectivity: What It Means, What We Need, and How We Can Help - Innovate BC

Developing a BioEnergy Business Case - Indigenous Clean Energy

Economic Recovery and Resilience: First Nation-Municipal CEDI Guide & Experience of South Island Prosperity Partnership - Cando

Environmental Governance Under Land Code - RC

Environmental Management - NALMA

Financing Social, Economic and Infrastructure Projects for First Nation Governments - FNFA

Futurepreneur: How We Support You on Your Entrepreneurial Journey

How the Co-op Model Can Support Indigenous Agriculture - Co-operatives First

How to Access your First Nations Business Governance Capacity - FNDBA

Ideas to Dollars: Putting Your Strategic Plan into Action - AFOA BC

Introduction to Matrimonial Real Property and Case Study - NALMA

Land Governance Authority, Committees, and Priority-Based Workplans - RC

Land Governance Under the Framework Agreement of First Nation Land Management - ISC

Law Development and Enforcement - RC

Overview Session of Project Management: Large Infrastructure - AFOA Canada

Pandemic Response and Emergency Planning - Vancouver Island University

Pivoting to Digital Content During COVID - ITBC

Planning for a Community Designation Vote during a Pandemic - ISC

Potential of On-Reserve Manufacturing for the Post Pandemic Economy - Cando

The Indigenous Centre for Cumulative Effects: Building on Indigenous Perspectives about Cumulative Effects - ICCE

Understanding ISC’s Community Opportunity Readiness Program Process - ISC